Wildhagen Greenhouses

Since 1969 we have been growing quality flowers and veggie plants. Our company has grown to 50 greenhouses run by Bio mass Fuel, biological bugs and biodegradable products and a whole wheel barrow filled with passion.


$50.00 min order to Carlisle or Kilbride

$100.00 min order to Burlington & Waterdown

Why Choose Us?

Wildhagen is 85% Sustainable using biological Bugs to control pests in our greenhouse. Recently over the last year we have converted from oil to a Biomass furnace that uses wood chips to produce our heat to all 50 greenhouses and several building on the property. Our trays that we grow our 12 pack flowers in are biodegradable and we are one of the only growers to grow this way because many growers want smaller trays to pack more into a greenhouse, But Wildhagens has grown this way for over 50 years and the plants are way better quality we can assure you.  Our summers here is Ontario are to short to mess around with an "OK" flower when you can get an awesome flower for a great price.

We have been happy customers of Wildhagens Garden Centre for years. They offer such a great variety and display it in such a way its like visiting a park. A beautiful, peaceful place to stroll and enjoy the gorgeous scenery

Cindy Claimount
Loyal Customer

About Us

Vira Wildhagen

Store owner

    Hey there I am Vira and I am grateful you are checking out our store. 

We are a very passionate company and want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. My parents started the company over 50 years ago and retired about 15 years ago. Since then we have kept our wholesale side and also added a Pizzeria, Garden Centre, Coffee & Chocolate shop, Kids Play centre and now an On-line store with Delivery or Pick up.

 With the help of my partner Adam, amazing kids and our awesome staff I realize anything is possible in life with hard word and dedication. We would be honoured for you to try our products, almost all the plants we sell are grown from seed right here on our farm. We are also thankful for all our loyal customers who have been shopping here for years and we hope you enjoy this new on-line ordering. 


  We deliver Locally to Carlisle, Kilbride and Waterdown. For larger orders, no problem we can deliver outside the local area. Just call us 905.689.8427


7291 Milburough Line, Milton, L0P-1B0


10:00am - 5:00pm